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Service providers who helped create the website

Vincent Calame and Karine Goasmat at Exemole
Development of the BaseDeFiche software used in particular for the ‘Our production’ section of the site
Contact: vincent.calame (@) exemole.fr and karine.goasmat (@) exemole.fr
Website: www.exemole.fr/

Frédéric Huan, free-lance graphic artist
Work on the logo and graphic chart for the site.
Contact: fhuan (@) oliance.com
Website: www.oliance.com/huan/

Thomas WEISS at Webgardener
SPIP software used for the site’s ‘front door’
Contact: thomas.weiss (@) webgardener.fr-
Website: www.webgardener.fr/

Denise Mirat free-lance translator
Translation of the site in English
Contact: denise.mirat (@) orange.fr

Freeware used

Other acknowledgements

Our thanks to the entire team...