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Our theses

The Alliance’s six theses

  • Encourage legitimate governance

    In our conception of governance, the uniform and universal models based on the good governance concept, which some think States should apply like a ‘kit’ as a basis for their legality, are not the only choice: governance is, rather (...)

  • Put ethics at the heart of governance

    Values and principles on which the means of regulating society are founded should be hammered out on the basis of shared references that populations know and accept. Yet in reality there is a total void separating the processes of(...)

  • Place the experience of actors at the heart of rebuilding governance

    Our goal is to use the collected experiences of actors from different socio-professional environments as a seedbed from which proposals can emerge.
    We feel that each actor is an expert on his or her own reality and thus deserves (...)

  • Combine unity and diversity

    Africa’s colonial heritage led to the creation of political societies based on a Nation-State that superseded specific characteristics of identity.
    Yet history has shown that national unity can exist alongside recognition of the (...)

  • Articulate levels from the local to the worldwide

    Principles and mechanisms for managing public affairs and the public sphere in Africa have not sufficiently emphasized links between two—or three—important processes now in progress. One is the process of transforming the African State. The other is a dual process of (...)

  • Use the local level as a basis for rebuilding governance

    The local level should be the strategic level for rebuilding governance in Africa.
    With true decentralisation as a basis, the local level can be used to imagine and apply new methods of (...)