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The Alliance for Rebuilding Governance in Africa was created on the basis of a firm conviction: Africa cannot content itself with the patched up and imported models that have worsened the crisis in governance. It is up to Africans, with feet firmly planted in African soil and eyes wide open on the world, to speak out and collectively determine Africa’s future.
Rebuilding governance in Africa is indeed a collective and inclusive task, not just a job for government leaders and intellectuals taught in Western schools. While poor governance is certainly a concern for the latter, it is also a major concern for other types of actors who suffer its effects on a daily basis. Yet these actors are often forgotten when important issues of governance are addressed.
The Alliance participates in a wider reflection on the crisis in collective action and what can be done about it. The Alliance is also based on a sharing of responsibilities. In its approach, it strives to combine the autonomous initiatives in a coherent whole.

In keeping with its convictions, the Alliance has developed ways of working, methods and tools shared by all its allies.

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