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Since its creation, the Alliance has been present in eight West African and one Central African country (Cameroon). It has also been present in the Congo for the past 2 years. The goal of the Alliance is to build partnerships across Africa and the world.

On the continental level, the Alliance’s Council, which includes founding members and other leading figures, gives the organisation a moral grounding and ensures application of its founding principles. The Coordinator relies on the Resource Center for technical support. In each country, a national organisation interfaces with the Alliance’s friends and allies and works to develop the Alliance.

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Members of the Alliance’s Council and Resource Center

The Alliance’s Council

The Alliance’s Council is made up of leading figures who are currently working on governance issues in Africa. Its functions include:

  • forward-looking reflection to help the Alliance periodically identify major changes taking place in Africa and the world, and their probable impact on the continent’s future;
  • support for the design of strategies for change based on alternative proposals that have come out of the dialogue process set up by the Alliance;
  • putting the Alliance in touch with strategic decision-making venues on national, regional and international levels.

The Council ensures application of the Alliance’s principles and values, helps define its future directions and contributes to its development.


One person, appointed by the Council from amongst its members, coordinates all the Alliance’s activities. On the basis of strategic directions defined each year by the Alliance’s Council, the Coordinator approves work schedules and monitors programme implementation. One of the Coordinator’s main functions is to represent the Alliance in dealings with various types of partners, in particular on the country level and with regard to regional institutions and cooperation and development organisations. To carry out his duties, the Coordinator entrusts some prerogatives involving administrative and financial management to the Resource Center.

Resource Center

The Resource Center applies processes currently in progress to the various countries and provides partners with a number of joint services including data bases, tools and methods, publications, web site, resource people, help in raising and managing funds). The Resource Center (RC), around which the entire Alliance turns, has two main missions:

  • provide the support required to bring together all the activities of Alliance members and to align all the Alliance’s working groups;
  • provide technical and administrative support for all the Alliance’s activities and working groups.

National mediation

For each country a resource person, known as a mediator, coordinates the Alliance’s activities with the support of a coordinating organisation. The mediator provides the first level of processing for data collected in the country. He or she works with groups of actors from allied organisations within the country to help construct “statements” on a certain number of subjects related, in particular, to the Alliance’s thematic projects. These allied organisations can be organised in ‘colleges’ where issues raised by the various initiative groups are discussed, and diagnoses and proposals are formulated. This national mediation is identified and set up with the help of exploratory and support missions organised by the coordinating organisation and/or resource center in the various countries.