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The Alliance for Rebuilding Governance in Africa (ARGA) is made up of African and non-African actors who believe that peace and development on the African continent cannot be achieved through simple reforms of the way in which public affairs are regulated, but are contingent on an in-depth re-examination of the foundations of power and governance.
The Alliance for Rebuilding Governance in Africa contributes to the development of an African way of thinking and an African governance project.

An African way of thinking

Our continent must create its own version of modernity and its own future on the basis of:

  • a grounding in African history, values and realities,
  • enrichment with international experiences.

An African project of governance

To meet the current and future challenges of the African continent, this change must be:

  • systemic because of the number and scope of problems and challenges at all levels of governance—from the local to the global,
  • part of a long-term process because of the profound intellectual, institutional and cultural transformations involved,
  • accepted and supported by all State and non-State actors

An action strategy

The Alliance:

  • sets up, participates in and/or leads spaces for dialogue and reflection on governance in Africa (Multi-actor Malian forum, Citizens’ assembly of Mali, Forum on governance in Africa with the Commission of the African Union, etc.),
  • designs proposals for change on the management of public affairs in Africa (proposals booklets) and encourages discussion of these proposals,
  • mobilises State and non-State actors in initiatives for effective rebuilding of governance in Africa (initiative groups). 
    The basic orientations of the Alliance for Rebuilding Governance in Africa, as well as the Alliance’s organising and operating principles, are set out in its Constitutive Charter, the Strategic Plan for 2006-2010 and the new orientations for 2011-2015.

View the document Charter creating the Alliance for Rebuilding Governance in Africa