Articulate levels from the local to the worldwide

Principles and mechanisms for managing public affairs and the public sphere in Africa have not sufficiently emphasized links between two—or three—important processes now in progress. One is the process of transforming the African State.
The other is a dual process of localisation/regionalisation: instances where policies are defined and put into motion are being transferred to the local level, while connection to the world market is modifying the rationality of production and trade systems and encouraging regional groupings.

Instead of sealing off the different levels, we think improving management of public affairs and defending African interests in the process of globalisation can be better achieved by articulating territorial levels and dividing up roles and responsibilities according to the principle of active subsidiarity.

Interventions on civil society in Africa

«Civil societies have long existed in Africa… but there is a real issue positioning from civil society in Africa: 1/ between domestic and international demand ; 2/ between the needs of African people and the supply of donors. Most organizations have very few resources and are often funded by international donors who have their own issues and interests ; 3/ with a very political environment bipolarized : countries with a greater polarization between government and opposition. Civil society is struggling to position themselves, or in the case of power or in the case of the opposition.»

What are the issues of democratization and natural resources for civil society in Africa ?

Videos of the meeting of January 19, 2011, produced by Alter-media, on civil society in Africa

Intervention d’Assane Mbaye from Alter-médias on Vimeoen français.

Intervention of Firoze Manji from Alter-médias on Vimeoin English.

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